For the past two years, The Hoya has celebrated Georgetown by showcasing the diversity of our community through the Faces project, a collection of photos and conversations with people across campus. This year, the 225 Faces Project displays 225 of these faces, for 225 years of Georgetown.

In interviews with The Hoya’s staffers, Georgetown students, professors and staff shared their backgrounds, passions and fears. There are students from across the country and around the world. There’s the security guard who spends his free time singing gospel music. There are professors who have been at Georgetown for 40 years, and ones who arrived only a few months ago.

This year’s project includes longer interviews with its 225 participants, and there are a lot of answers to read. On the lefthand side of the site, you can filter by students, faculty or staff. There’s also a search bar in the top right.

We hope that the 225 Faces Project helps you get to know Georgetown and its community a little bit better. Whether it’s the person you see on your way to class every Tuesday and Thursday or your favorite professor, there’s a lot to learn.

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